Copying using Cyberduck graphical sftp client (MacOS)

Before you setup Cyberduck, you will need to have your ~/.ssh/config file properly configured as explained in the Connecting to a UNIX-like computer section. You can use the Wizard for that.

Once you have installed Cyberduck following the instructions on the Cyberduc website, launch it.


Click on the + button to setup a new server, change the protocol type from FTP ...


to SFTP:


and fill only the Server: box with the same name as in your SSH configuration file. The image below shows the setup as remote server the nic5 cluster. The other fields should be automatically filled in if Cyberduck finds your ~/.ssh/config file. Close the window by clicking on the red button in the upper left corner.


Enter the CECI key passphrase when Cyberduck asks for it (possibly twice if you go through a gateway)


Accept the SSH host public key fingerprint after verifying it from the CÉCI website


You should then see your file on the remote cluster, and be able to drag and drop files or folders to and from the cluster.