Copy files and folders to the /CECI/proj partition


In Linux, the users has a user identifier uid, a group identifier gid and a list of other groups to which the user is a member. In the CÉCI clusters the uid and gid are equal to your login account.

user@cluster:~$ id
uid=NNNNNN(user) gid=NNNNNN(user) groups=NNNNNN(user),JJJJJ(ceci_group),KKKKK(group2), ...

The files and folders have a user owner and a group owner. When you create or copy files, they get your uid and gid

user@cluster:~$ mkdir test
user@cluster:~$ touch test/file{1..3}
user@cluster:~$ ls -l test/file*
-rw-rw-r-- 1 user user 0 May 28 10:02 test/file1
-rw-rw-r-- 1 user user 0 May 28 10:02 test/file2
-rw-rw-r-- 1 user user 0 May 28 10:02 test/file3

CÉCI users can be part of a project which share files in a group folder inside /CECI/proj partition. All the files and folders inside the /CECI/proj/ceci_group folder must have the group name equal to the name of CÉCI group you belong instead of the name of the user.

Copying from a cluster front-end to /CECI/proj

If you want to copy files from your HOME, the GLOBALSCRATCH or other cluster location to the directory of your group inside proj partition you first need to change your gid with newgrp command, copy your data and exit to restore your gid.

user@cluster:~$ newgrp ceci_group
user@cluster:~$ id
uid=NNNNNN(user) gid=JJJJJ(ceci_group) groups=NNNNNN(user),JJJJJ(ceci_group),KKKKK(group2), ...
user@cluster:~$ cp -r folder /CECI/prog/ceci_group/path/.
user@cluster:~$ exit

Replace ceci_group with the name of the CÉCI group you belong.

Copying from a your computer to /CECI/proj

To copy the data form your Linux or MacOS computer you must add to your rsync command the -og and --chown=user:ceci_group flags. For example, to copy a local folder inside /CECI/proj/ceci_group/path/ folder using one of the clusters front-end, you can use the command:

local_user@mycomputer:~$  rsync -azv -og --chown=user:ceci_group local/folder cluster:/CECI/proj/ceci_group/path/.

Where cluster is one of the host defined in your ssh configuration file, user is your CÉCI user identifier and ceci_group is the name of the CÉCI group you belong.


If the rsync version in MacOS is to old (< v3.1.0) and --chown option is not available, the newer version must be installed, for instance with Homebrew.