Creating an account


In order to create an account, you must be connected, either directly (Wifi, cable), or indirectly (via SSH or VPN) to your university network.

If you are member of a university part of CÉCI :

The first step is to visit the Login Management site and enter your email address. From then on, your email address will be associated uniquely with your CÉCI login. You will then shortly receive an email with a web link. Click on that link; you are brought to a web form where you need to enter your identification information. Your information is then reviewed by a system administrator from your university. Once your details are confirmed, your account will be created. As soon as it is created, you receive your private key to the clusters by email (an attached file named ‘id_rsa.ceci’).

See also: Create a CÉCI account step by step tutorial.

If you want to invite a guest :

You can create an account for your collaborators who do not have an email from one of the five universities members of the CÉCI. You must have a permanent position within your university and be a registered CÉCI user. If you are not, please register yourself first as in the previous paragraph. By using this functionality, you bear the responsibility of the account created for your guest. Go to, and enter your email address and the email address of your guest (we need the official institutional email address of the guest. Addresses ending in, for instance, or other generic email addresses are not allowed). You will have to fill in the form sent to your email address, and your guest will have to send a SSH public key to the system administrator of your university. Detailed instructions will be sent by email to your guest directly.